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1. She Don't Do
2. Trinidad Trilby
3. Cold Midnight Baby
4. Midnight Train
5. My Way Back Home
6. Holding On
7. Get it On
8. Bounced Like a Baby
9. Only Myself to Blame
10. Let Me Feel Good
11. Shame On Me
12. Give Me Love

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"Pockets Full of Gold"
12 songs

Musicians :
Stevie Williams : Markie Creswell : Dave Hassell : Billy Buckley : Clive Mellor

Stevie: "I was born in Salford UK and raised on dreams and fresh air!"

Press: "Stevie Williams and The Most Wanted Band know how to blend momentous vocal melodies, wistful thinking and insightful lyrics over skilfully crafted original songs. They have a range of zelig like skills and vintage sounds infused with impressive guitars, drums and harmonica. Thier style seamlessly flows with a high sense of entertainment.

'Great voice and great songs' - Ruf Records
Released on Time On Earth Records T.O.E.

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1. Open Up Your Heart
2. Today I Stop
3. Lo-Fi
4. Living Under The Sun
5. Just A Little More
6. Skyward Bound
7. Nursery Bass (The Special Children)
8. Gospel Summer
9. Walk Tall
10. 4am

Instrumental Album except vocal tracks 2 and 5 - (Bass Day UK Web-Site) available to stream on your favourite platform / store

4am Enhancement CD. Enhancement contains additional music and four films.
1. Video 'The Smell Of Seaweed' - Poem
2. Video Nigel Moor - music :'Jack or Jill'
3. Video Pris - music :'Do Like You'
4. Video Philip Smith - music :'Nobody Knows'

Andy Kingslow, Pat Illingworth, Iain Dixon, Steve Gilbert, Pete Simpson, Simon Willescroft, Graeme Flowers, Markie Creswell, Mike Walker, Johnny Heyes, Stuart McCallum, John Ellis, Paul Kilvington, Eryl Roberts, Paul Bentley, Doreen Edwards, John McCallum

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